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In Belize, the Patents Act, Chapter 253, of the Laws of Belize governs the establishment and registration of Patents. A patent is the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention for a specified period of time. It is the legal title granted to protect an invention. An invention is a product or process that provides a new way of doing a particular thing, or provides a new technical solution to a problem.

The primary benefit of a patent is that it protects a patent owner from the commercial exploitation of his or her invention without the patent owner’s consent. The patent owner may grant permission to someone or authorize him or her to exploit his or her invention by granting a patent license. The patent owner may also enforce his or her patent rights in the local courts of Belize.

Our patents are registered with the assistance of the patent attorney Estevan Perera.

Estevan Perera

Belize Patent & Trademark Agents

We are able to assist you with the following patent services:

a)            Withdrawal of a Patent Application
b)            Opinions with regards to a Belize Patent
c)            Surrendering a Belize Patent
d)            Restoration of a Belize Patent
e)            Opposing the registration of a Patent in Belize
f)             Maintenance of a Belize Patent
g)            Assignment of a Belize Patent
h)            Amending a Belize Patent
i)             Recording a license contract
j)             Recoding of sublicense contract
k)            Application for change of Agent

We are also able to assist you with Trademark services in Belize.

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A patent may be granted in Belize only for an invention which satisfies the following conditions –

•  The invention must be new – it must not have been made public anywhere in the world.
•   The invention must involve an inventive step – it must not be obvious to a person with a good knowledge and experience of the subject.
•   The invention must be capable of industrial application – it must be capable of being made or used in some kind of industry.
•   An invention is not patentable if it is –

(a) a discovery;
(b) a scientific theory or mathematical method;
(c) an aesthetic creation such as a literary, dramatic or artistic work;
(d) a scheme or method for performing a mental act, playing a game or doing business;
(e) the presentation of information, or a computer program;
(f) a method of treatment for the human or animal body by surgery or therapy, as well as diagnostic methods practiced on thebody;
(g) a new animal or plant variety.

All products or processes are classified in accordance with the 7th Edition of the Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification (IPC).

You are required to submit to our firm the following documents for your application:

a)            Completed Petition for Patent
b)            Description
c)            All Drawings / Specifications  (where applicable)
d)            One or more claims
e)            Abstract
f)             Application for an Address for Service
g)            Power of Attorney to Agent – which is to be completed and signed by the authorized signatory of the Applicant Company.
h)            Sequence listing part of description (where applicable)
i)             Translation (where applicable)
j)             Priority Documents – where the priority of an earlier application (national, regional, or international) is claimed.

A Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) national phase applicant may file the petition without submitting copies of the relevant specification, international application, international search report and international preliminary examination report.

The specification must include the background and a description of the invention. The description must be written in clear language and must include enough detail so that an individual with an average understanding of the field could use or reproduce the invention.

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